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RE:ACT STORY One of our former volunteers, Zoey Hart, was so inspired by her time spent with The SOLD Project that she took activities that

Adventure With a Purpose

RE:ACT STORY In February of this year, volunteer Christine Rose came out to Thailand to join us at The SOLD Project’s Resource Center. Here’s what

Breaking Down the Silence

From the Field Periodically, staff at the Resource Center submit their reflections on their experiences to share what is happening in the field. They’re encouraged

The Pressure to Marry

From the field In American culture, the normative age for young adults to get married is getting later and later. For many, it is often

An Update From the Ground

From the Field By now you have likely heard that Thailand’s recent political unrest has now resulted in a military coup. On Tuesday, May 20,

Lilley Scholz Fights For Social Justice

RE:ACT STORY High schooler Lilley Scholz shows us impassioned youth can make a difference too! When Lilley Scholz chose the subject of human trafficking for

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