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Congrats to the Graduates!

We’re thrilled to announce that 19 of our students are graduates from their course of study! The Graduates 3 students graduated from elementary school 5

Where Does My Money Go?

When you support prevention work with The Freedom Story, you can specify if you want to sponsor scholarships through the Freedom Chapter, or you can

Yindee’s Story

Yindee* loves to sing, it makes her feel relaxed and happy. Having that outlet is important for a teen girl who shoulders as many responsibilities

Mayuree’s Path to Freedom

Mayuree* just wanted to study and spend time with her friends, but as the second oldest child in a family of six, she was responsible

Stories of Transformation

This April, we are thrilled to be able to share three new stories with you – stories about transformation, where a child or young person

How to Host an Awareness Raising Party!

Have you ever considered hosting an awareness raising party to tell people about child trafficking and why we should get involved in eradicating it? It’s

Get to Know Lucy!

An Interview with Lucy McCray As you probably know, Lucy McCray has accepted the position of CEO of The Freedom Story. Though some of you

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