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Nin’s Story

Nin* loves to sing and can be found rapping and dancing whenever she can. Her case, however, is one that we see unfortunately far too

A Budding Novelist

Amara* hustles hard. She dreams of becoming a novelist and already has made a running start for herself. She loves to write romance stories, which

When Kids Are Left Alone

For Pip, risk comes in the form of how alone he and his little sister are. At the age of just 13, Pip* and his

Bay’s Story

Bay * dreams of becoming a doctor one day so that she can help others when they are sick. She is used to taking care

Emi’s Story

Emi grew up in an orchard on a tea farm. After her father passed away when she was only a year old, she lived with

We Give Thanks To…

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s been another year of change and uncertainty, but if anything our bonds and connection have only grown stronger. We have so much

When Self-Sacrifice is a Risk

Buiy is the kind of person to skip meals if it means her younger siblings get to eat. By the time she was 14 years

A Look at What’s Coming: Connection

As we near the year’s end and reflect on our work to prevent child trafficking, connection is what stands out. Connection underpins everything we do

Reaching Even More Children At Risk

One of our deepest-held goals is to scale our prevention programs, reaching new areas and other areas with children who are deeply at risk. Trafficking

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