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On Grooming

The Texas Supreme Court recently handed down a ruling that could prove to be a landmark decision in holding social media companies accountable for trafficking

LGBTQ+ Vulnerability to Trafficking

We talk frequently about how youth who identify as LGBTQ+ are more vulnerable to trafficking, and we’ve even highlighted one of our students who agreed

Thai Tourism in COVID Times

To say that the COVID pandemic has disrupted tourism in Thailand would be an understatement. It has so disabled an industry that is a critical

Trafficking in the News: Tech Highlights

A recent news article coming out of MIT, “Turning technology against human traffickers,” by Kylie Foy of the Lincoln Laboratory highlights some notable developments in

On Calling Trafficking “Slavery”

The anti-trafficking movement has a history of referring to human trafficking, in its various forms, as “modern slavery.” It’s a term that has been used

The Role of the Family

When Chayu’s mother, who engages in sex work, goes out drinking at night, she sometimes even brings 14-year-old Chayu with her to the bars. Chayu

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