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Why We Support University Students

When asked why The SOLD Project supports university students, I was at first taken aback. The question seemed to come from the point of view

First Heroes

Who was your first hero? First Heroes are often a parent, care giver, grandparent, relative, or someone else you consider family. They are special people

Did You Hear the News?

First, The SOLD Project made its mark on National Geographic this week, catching headlines on their Killing With Kindness campaign to highlight organizations helping others all

How’s Their Story Going to End?

A guest post by Christine Rose, SOLD Project Bay Area Representative and Volunteer. Don’t you hate predictable endings? None of us enjoy a movie where

Seasons of Smoke and the Collective Damage

From the Field Every year from around February through April, farmers in South East Asian countries start burning through brush—it’s an effective way to fertilize

The Questions We Raise

Thai Voice We are pleased to introduce a new blog category, “Thai Voices”! In this category of posts, we’ll be hearing from the leaders facing

Meet Win

Our Staff Some of our readers may recall us talking before about one of our students, Win, who wanted to pursue a law degree but

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