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Light shed on the global fishing industry

In the fight against human trafficking and slavery, journalists have lately been shedding a glaring spotlight on the abuses and practices surrounding the global fishing

The Importance of Research

A guest post by SOLD’s intern, Bunty Drewitt, reflecting on what she has learned during her tenure with us. As I approach the last days


Dream is aptly named, for among our students, she is the one who has dared to dream the biggest. When I first started working with

Shop to Support SOLD!

For a limited time only, The SOLD Project has partnered with Causegear to bring you beautiful handmade products that give back. The human justice brand

Congratulations to Win!

As many of you may remember, one of our former SOLD scholarship students, despite lack of citizenship, went on to break down all barriers to

The Perseverance of Ang

Ang* is one of those teenagers caught in-between. Of her closest friends, one or two have always been the star students determined to break out

The Surprising Thing About Education

Photo credit: szefei/Shutterstock Imagine you are a subsistence level farmer living in a rural village more than an hour’s drive away from the nearest city

The SOLD Project is Growing

Please help us expand our reach and meet the demands of trafficking prevention! When The SOLD Project began in 2008, we were working really deep

The Risk it Took To Blossom

Laughter echoes through the doors, music thumps in the background, smiles and wais greet me as I step into the classroom. This select group of