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The News in March

News organizations have lately been posting useful resources on trafficking: how to identify it, how to talk about it with your kids, and constructive examples of

ACT Impact Report

We have been partners with and financial supporters of The ACT Center (Children’s Advocacy Center) in Chiang Mai, an organization dedicated to helping child victims

Does Prevention Really Work?

Highlights from our Social Impact Assessment Over the past couple of years, we have been ramping up efforts to collect data to help examine whether

Climate Change And Child Trafficking

This post is part of a series called “Let’s Get Intersectional” where we highlight all the ways in which trafficking is related to other industries

Early 2017 In the News

Thailand Thailand’ Efforts to Combat Trafficking Have Shown Marked Improvement There are several ways in which Thailand has ramped up counter trafficking efforts. “First of

Additional Benefits

Our mission has always been to help prevent the trafficking of children; however, our methods have always been about more than that. We aim to

Prevention Through Prosecution

When I first started working with The Freedom Story (formerly The SOLD Project) over six years ago, the anti trafficking community looked very different from

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