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Aum: A Student’s Story

In a compound of bamboo houses, Aum is painting cartoon animals and flowers on the outside of her bedroom walls. Her friends are there too,

We’re Expanding on Multiple Levels

In the past two and a half years since Veerawit Tianchainan stepped into position as our Thailand Executive Director, he has spearheaded efforts in expanding


You all knocked it out of the park! In our End of Year Campaign, a whopping 565 of you helped raise a total of $160,896!

A Family at Risk

When Arpa*, mother of two girls Preeda* and Ying*, was growing up, she wanted to study. “But we were poor. We didn’t even have rice

A New Facilitator of Trafficking

When we first started working in anti-trafficking, poverty was the trafficker, the biggest factor aiding and abetting vulnerability to exploitation. But in recent years, as

The Security of Citizenship

“My biggest concern and fear has always been, ‘What will I do to get Pon his citizenship?’” For Aom*, Pon’s mother, this question brings tears

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