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Thai Tourism in COVID Times

To say that the COVID pandemic has disrupted tourism in Thailand would be an understatement. It has so disabled an industry that is a critical

Trafficking in the News: Tech Highlights

A recent news article coming out of MIT, “Turning technology against human traffickers,” by Kylie Foy of the Lincoln Laboratory highlights some notable developments in

On Calling Trafficking “Slavery”

The anti-trafficking movement has a history of referring to human trafficking, in its various forms, as “modern slavery.” It’s a term that has been used

The Role of the Family

When Chayu’s mother, who engages in sex work, goes out drinking at night, she sometimes even brings 14-year-old Chayu with her to the bars. Chayu

Red Flags: Chayu’s Story

The things that put children and young people at risk of trafficking don’t usually happen overnight; they’re vulnerabilities that start early, which is why we

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