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Create vs. Copy by Ken Wytsma

Ken Wytsma is a leader, innovator, and social entrepreneur respected for his insight and collaborative spirit. He is the president of Kilns College, where he

Our Partner: the HUG Project

You may recall from our earlier post last week that we are partners with a local Thai organization called the Hug Project, and that we

Cyber Trafficking: the Next Frontier

Northern Thai Officials Join an International Initiative to Counter Child Trafficking Online As people around the globe have become more connected digitally and more internet

A Conversation with our President

As we open the New Year, we’ve asked our President, Rachel Goble, to share some thoughts with us reflecting on the past year and looking

Phase 1 Fully Funded

What better way to begin a new year than with the announcement that Phase One of building a City Center in Chiang Rai has been

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