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Reframing Migration

Migration gets a bad rap. Leaving aside, for a moment, the arguments about migration as a threat, even those who support migrants’ rights tend to

TIP Report Special Focus: Climate Change

This year’s TIP Report highlights the looming threat of climate change and its links to vulnerability to human trafficking. It argues that climate change-related disasters

Urban Fragility and Why It Matters

A report from the International Peace Institute states, “For the first time in history, more than half of the world’s people live in cities. By

The Overlooked Victims of Trafficking: Families

Anti-trafficking intervention and aftercare services tend to be almost exclusively centered on the victims, which seems natural, understandable, and correct. What this overlooks, however, is

Understanding Trafficking As a Spectrum

For the sake of ease, discussion about trafficking tends to revolve around categories: labor trafficking, child trafficking, sex trafficking, etc. Another way to think of

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