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Minors’ Voices in Anti-Trafficking

A common refrain in anti-trafficking is the need to raise survivor voices, pass the mic, and listen to those with lived experience. The survivor experience

Understanding Trafficking As a Spectrum

For the sake of ease, discussion about trafficking tends to revolve around categories: labor trafficking, child trafficking, sex trafficking, etc. Another way to think of

An Update on Policy Priorities

In response to last year’s Trafficking in Persons Report, when Thailand was downgraded to the Tier 2 Watch List, the agenda has focused on intensifying

Latest Updates From Our Work on the Ground

As we shared last week, traffickers are capitalizing on opportunities the pandemic presents. Trafficking has not diminished, so we believe it is more important than

How Traffickers Capitalized on COVID

It might be tempting to hope that lockdowns, social distancing measures, travel restrictions, and fear of illness would have curbed trafficker activity. Unfortunately, this has

COVID & Child Labor

For nearly two decades, the use of child labor had been on a very promising downward trend. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 crisis has reversed it. While

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