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Kids As Traffickers

When we think of child trafficking, we generally assume the trafficker is an older adult who preys on minors. That has typically been the case,

The Stakes of Trafficking are Rising

Trafficking is already a horrific, damaging, and traumatizing experience. Unfortunately, there are dynamics in play now that are making it worse – not just in

Minors’ Voices in Anti-Trafficking

A common refrain in anti-trafficking is the need to raise survivor voices, pass the mic, and listen to those with lived experience. The survivor experience

An Update on Policy Priorities

In response to last year’s Trafficking in Persons Report, when Thailand was downgraded to the Tier 2 Watch List, the agenda has focused on intensifying

How Traffickers Capitalized on COVID

It might be tempting to hope that lockdowns, social distancing measures, travel restrictions, and fear of illness would have curbed trafficker activity. Unfortunately, this has

COVID & Child Labor

For nearly two decades, the use of child labor had been on a very promising downward trend. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 crisis has reversed it. While

Maxwell / Epstein Case in Context

After years of allegations and prolonged intense media attention, the Ghislaine Maxwell trial finally ended in conviction last month. Because it received so much public

Teaching Kids About Trafficking

A couple of years ago, one of our partner organizations reported on a case where a teenage boy had been arrested for trafficking. He and

Summer News Roundup

This summer, several interesting news reports and studies came out that are worth collecting together for future reference. One thing the anti-trafficking world has sorely

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