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How to Host an Awareness Raising Party!

Have you ever considered hosting an awareness raising party to tell people about child trafficking and why we should get involved in eradicating it? It’s

Get to Know Lucy!

An Interview with Lucy McCray As you probably know, Lucy McCray has accepted the position of CEO of The Freedom Story. Though some of you

A Round-Up of Latest News

It’s a new year, but the compounded effects of ongoing challenges continue to take their toll on poorer households in the region where we work.

2023 Goals and Reflections

As we set our sights on 2023, it’s a great time to reflect on where we are and what that entails for our mission for

An Update on Manee

Last spring, we introduced you to a young student, Manee*, who, even at the tender age of 11, was already under a lot of pressure

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