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What Your Donor Dollars Accomplished

If you’ve ever wondered what your donation has contributed to, here is just a snapshot of what we have been able to achieve together! 2018

Surachat and Surachai’s Story

Risk into resilience: Two brothers’ story of statelessness “WE’RE BOTH BRAVE ENOUGH TO DREAM.” Surachat and Surachai are two brothers who are in a complicated

Charitable Giving in the Holiday Season

Charitable giving can be an incredibly beneficial component of healthy family life, and many families engage in philanthropy together. Whether they attend church or a

Meet Kru Ball

Kru Ball (a nickname that sounds like “Kru Bon” when said by Thais) is our Activity and Scholarship Manager, and having been with us for

Giving Thanks

This Thanksgiving, we are very grateful! Here are just some of the things for which we are giving thanks: Giving Thanks A committed staff who are

Save the Date!

Giving Tuesday is coming soon! Save the date! Mark your calendar now and help us reach our end of year fundraising goals! We have some

Trafficking in the News

Here are some of the latest updates on trafficking in the news!   Social Media Becoming Gateway to Trafficking Traffickers are befriending teens online and

Consent is Learned Early

Consent is a word that adults use, but it’s a concept that children confront from an early age. It’s one we should talk about early

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