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Student Story: Meet Saeng

In celebration of our 15th anniversary, we’re sharing stories about students who have graduated from our child trafficking prevention programs. These students were identified as

Saithan – A Thank You Video

Thank you to everyone who joined us in participating in this global day of charitable giving! We were able to raise $18,872, which is matched

Why We’re Choosing Celebration

When we started planning our 15th-anniversary celebration, we didn’t anticipate feeling compelled to share a message like this. Events in recent weeks have prompted us

Meet Somying

When Somying’s father was incarcerated for a drug-related crime, the duty to help her family manage daily life fell upon Somying. Her mother suffered from

Why We Help Stateless Children

Imagine being born and raised in a country that your family has lived in for generations, and yet you are unable to become a citizen

The Victim-Centered Approach

Given the resurgence of interest in and newcomers to the movement to end child trafficking, a refresher on the victim-centered approach is apropos. Awareness of

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