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The Pressure to Marry

From the field In American culture, the normative age for young adults to get married is getting later and later. For many, it is often

An Update From the Ground

From the Field By now you have likely heard that Thailand’s recent political unrest has now resulted in a military coup. On Tuesday, May 20,

Lilley Scholz Fights For Social Justice

RE:ACT STORY High schooler Lilley Scholz shows us impassioned youth can make a difference too! When Lilley Scholz chose the subject of human trafficking for

Bring Back Our Girls!

Get Involved By now you’ve likely heard about the 276 Nigerian girls who have been abducted from their school in Chibok by the terrorist group,

Earthquake Hits Chiang Rai, Thailand

From the Field On the evening of May 5th, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck Northern Thailand, with the epicenter just outside Chiang Rai, near to

A Road of Many Pitfalls

from the field Among the subpopulations vulnerable to exploitation, the stateless children are in the most danger. Statelessness is a condition that affects over half

Meet Our New Volunteer Kate

Kate Tierney is visiting us for a few months and generously donating her time and skills to help run some inspirational workshops for our kids.

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