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Our Work on The Ground

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Meet Saithan

When Saithan’s father was arrested, it upended her entire life. The stability in her world was shattered. Without him, she and her mother were, as

2023 Impact Highlights

The lush rice paddies and evergreen mountains of Northern Thailand are tropical, warm, and brimming with life. Yet even in this magical place, a destructive

Lucy’s Vision for 2024

Thank you for continuing the journey of child trafficking prevention with us! We’re excited for what 2024 can bring, and we’d love to share with

Thank You For Sustaining Freedom!

Thank you to all of our generous donor community who came together to help us sustain freedom for at-risk children in northern Thailand! From the

Saithan – A Thank You Video

Thank you to everyone who joined us in participating in this global day of charitable giving! We were able to raise $18,872, which is matched

Why We’re Choosing Celebration

When we started planning our 15th-anniversary celebration, we didn’t anticipate feeling compelled to share a message like this. Events in recent weeks have prompted us

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