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Our Work on The Ground

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Saithan – A Thank You Video

Thank you to everyone who joined us in participating in this global day of charitable giving! We were able to raise $18,872, which is matched

Why We’re Choosing Celebration

When we started planning our 15th-anniversary celebration, we didn’t anticipate feeling compelled to share a message like this. Events in recent weeks have prompted us

Why We Help Stateless Children

Imagine being born and raised in a country that your family has lived in for generations, and yet you are unable to become a citizen

Our 2022 Impact Report is Here!

Great news, friends! We’ve recently released our Impact Report showing our results for 2022. If you receive our email updates, you should have gotten it

Congrats to the Graduates!

We’re thrilled to announce that 19 of our students are graduates from their course of study! The Graduates 3 students graduated from elementary school 5

Where Does My Money Go?

When you support prevention work with The Freedom Story, you can specify if you want to sponsor scholarships through the Freedom Chapter, or you can

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