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Early 2017 In the News

Thailand Thailand’ Efforts to Combat Trafficking Have Shown Marked Improvement There are several ways in which Thailand has ramped up counter trafficking efforts. “First of

Additional Benefits

Our mission has always been to help prevent the trafficking of children; however, our methods have always been about more than that. We aim to

Prevention Through Prosecution

When I first started working with The Freedom Story (formerly The SOLD Project) over six years ago, the anti trafficking community looked very different from

Adrian Rowse – 2016 FREEDOM Award Recipient!

Every year, The Freedom Story recognizes an individual or couple for our FREEDOM Award. The FREEDOM Award Recipient is a person that advocates for The Freedom Story’s mission and cause, has

Why Did We Change Our Name?

What do you think of when you hear the names Cleopatra, Monsanto, Syria, the United Nations? Maybe even more important, what do you feel? Names

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