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8 Ways Parenthood is Social Justice

“Parenthood is social justice. It’s the greatest form of social justice. As parents we are able to provide things to another human being who can’t

Latest in the News

News articles from the past month have settled into a few noteworthy themes: first, the rise in labor trafficking, Congress passing SESTA through the Senate,

Best Reads: Articles on Trafficking

It would be nearly impossible to compile a comprehensive bibliography of all the articles written about trafficking children, or humans more generally. Over the past

On Trauma and Healing in Poverty

When people think of poverty, trauma is not always the first problem that comes to mind. However, research has repeatedly shown that the two are

Impact: Transforming Educational Opportunities

Did You Know…? that 47% of 15-year-olds attending village schools in Thailand are functionally illiterate? While Thailand continues to grow in productivity and opportunity, certain

Men With No Country

Did you know… …that there are people in this world who do not have citizenship in any country? For most of us, citizenship is never

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