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News From July

The news about trafficking from the past month has been remarkably slow. One major development occurred, however: the discovery and arrest of a major trafficking

The Importance of Social Embeddedness

“Social scientists often use the term social capital to describe social connectedness–that is, informal ties to family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances; involvement in civic associations, religious

Learning Rights & Safety Online

Our staff recently held a day-long workshop for students, aged 8-22, teaching them about their rights and how to stay safe from sexual predators online.

Trafficking in the News

Here’s some of the latest! Thailand is turning to tech to help combat trafficking in the fishing industry   Thailand has adopted a few different

Profile of a Victim

Breaking Down Victim Stereotypes Human trafficking is a topic that has been in the public spotlight for several years now, and still there are so

Som Ying’s Story

A mentor propels a dream: The story of one girl’s dream to study abroad RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE ELDEST CHILD When Som Ying was only two

Storytelling As Empowerment

The Wisdom is in the Room Today we’re talking with Nikole Lim, co-founder and international director of Freely in Hope, an organization offering educational opportunities

The Case of Female Traffickers

The overwhelming stereotype of traffickers is that of the male perpetrator, either working alone as a pimp or as part of a larger crime network.

Raising Trafficking Awareness

In a 2014 study surveying 1,102 men, women and youth age 10 years or older who were receiving post-trafficking assistance services in Cambodia, Thailand and

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