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A Family at Risk

When Arpa*, mother of two girls Preeda* and Ying*, was growing up, she wanted to study. “But we were poor. We didn’t even have rice

A New Facilitator of Trafficking

When we first started working in anti-trafficking, poverty was the trafficker, the biggest factor aiding and abetting vulnerability to exploitation. But in recent years, as

The Security of Citizenship

“My biggest concern and fear has always been, ‘What will I do to get Pon his citizenship?’” For Aom*, Pon’s mother, this question brings tears


The Narrow Escape

Early this year, we had a case that was a narrow escape – one of the narrowest we’ve encountered. When 14-year-old BunMa* met Aon* on

Feeling Grateful

It’s Thanksgiving, and 2020 has been a doozy! All the more reason to take a moment to be grateful, and remember that through it all,

The Freedom Chapter

Those of you who are relatively new to us might have noticed that our model of donation support is somewhat different from the traditional one.

On the Ground Update

With COVID-19 restrictions eased in Thailand, we’ve been able to resume our training and outreach programs in our community. We know that economic pressures caused

Trauma Informed Care and Sensitivity

Over the years, there has been growing awareness of the prevalence of sexual assault and violence–whether sex trafficking, rape, child abuse or any of its