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Kids As Traffickers

When we think of child trafficking, we generally assume the trafficker is an older adult who preys on minors. That has typically been the case,

The Stakes of Trafficking are Rising

Trafficking is already a horrific, damaging, and traumatizing experience. Unfortunately, there are dynamics in play now that are making it worse – not just in

Manee’s Story

Today, we’re telling the story of one of our current scholarship students, Manee*. Freedom Chapter memberships provide the funding for scholarships for Manee and the

Check Out Our Latest Video!

As promised, we’ve got an exciting new video we’d love to share with you. This animation is about Arisa*, one of our scholarship students. Take

This Year’s Cohort

As we’ve expanded into communities of ever greater vulnerability, we’ve opened up applications for our scholarship program and we’re finalizing our newest cohort. This year,

Save the Date: April 18th!

Friends, we’ve got some exciting things to share with you this month! Between April 18th-29th, we’ll be releasing a new video and more student stories

Minors’ Voices in Anti-Trafficking

A common refrain in anti-trafficking is the need to raise survivor voices, pass the mic, and listen to those with lived experience. The survivor experience

Understanding Trafficking As a Spectrum

For the sake of ease, discussion about trafficking tends to revolve around categories: labor trafficking, child trafficking, sex trafficking, etc. Another way to think of

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