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Save the Date: April 18th!
April 12, 2022

Friends, we’ve got some exciting things to share with you this month! Between April 18th-29th, we’ll be releasing a new video and more student stories – but expect them to be a little different from what we’ve shared in the past. We hope what we share here will really show you the impact you’re making as part of our community committed to preventing child trafficking!

We’ve shared with you before how vulnerable the communities that we work with are, and also how job and income losses due to COVID have put them even more at risk. That’s really only the tip of the iceberg, though, when it comes to how precarious their situation can be. We’ve heard from others in the field how COVID has also impacted judicial processes for victims – traffickers did not stop trafficking, but so much of the justice structure got shut down, hampered by lockdowns, travel restrictions, quarantines, and other related challenges. This meant that many victims had to wait much longer for relief, for justice to be served, and for them to be able to go home. The setbacks and delays made the process even more traumatic for them to have to go through, for example, making it harder to recall events which then calls the veracity of their testimony into question, or sometimes making it more difficult for them to access emotional support from their home community.

This means that the costs and the real damage caused by trafficking have gotten much higher. It’s more imperative than ever that we do all we can to prevent children and others from having to suffer from this crime.

We hope that, by sharing some of the stories of the children we’re working with, you can see just how powerful your contributions are – not just providing real benefits to these individual lives, but also taking a stand and helping to make a world where traffickers will no longer be able to take advantage of others.

We hope you’ll join us! Stay tuned!


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