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Teaching Kids About Trafficking

A couple of years ago, one of our partner organizations reported on a case where a teenage boy had been arrested for trafficking. He and

Summer News Roundup

This summer, several interesting news reports and studies came out that are worth collecting together for future reference. One thing the anti-trafficking world has sorely

Why Poverty Can Be Traumatic

While people recognize that living in poverty can be stressful, it might not be clear how or why it can cause traumatic experiences. Let’s break

How Trauma Impacts Child Development

Although our focus is “prevention” and stopping trafficking before it starts, it’s important to highlight that many of our scholarship students have already experienced trauma.

Trafficking Misinformation

Last summer, there was an upsurge in misinformation spread about child trafficking, including the spread on social media of accusations against Wayfair for purportedly hiding trafficked

Asian Massage Parlors & Trafficking

We frequently share what anti-trafficking initiatives look like from a policy perspective, with intervention and aftercare, or from what we see on the ground working

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