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On Calling Trafficking “Slavery”

The anti-trafficking movement has a history of referring to human trafficking, in its various forms, as “modern slavery.” It’s a term that has been used

The Role of the Family

When Chayu’s mother, who engages in sex work, goes out drinking at night, she sometimes even brings 14-year-old Chayu with her to the bars. Chayu

Red Flags: Chayu’s Story

The things that put children and young people at risk of trafficking don’t usually happen overnight; they’re vulnerabilities that start early, which is why we

Invisible Trauma: Jintana’s Story

Risk isn’t usually visible on the surface. If you were to visit our Resource Center and watch the kids playing, if you didn’t know the

Expanding the Definition of Patriarchy

As we discussed last week, sex trafficking has been framed as a “women’s issue” and gender-based violence because it disproportionately affects women and girls, and

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