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Lilley Scholz Fights For Social Justice
May 18, 2014


High schooler Lilley Scholz shows us impassioned youth can make a difference too!


When Lilley Scholz chose the subject of human trafficking for her high school graduation project, she could not anticipate how the issue would grip her attention and motivate her to do what she could to help bring an end to the injustice.

Bearing The SOLD Project apparel, she and her best friend put together a fundraiser at her school, where they showed a documentary on human trafficking and convinced their peers to also wear blue in support of the anti-trafficking movement.

aHer passion did not stop there. Scholz is now a college freshman majoring in Criminal Justice.

Trafficking is a huge, global phenomenon, but Scholz and other engaged youths like her show us that even one determined person can make waves and bring positive change to those around her. Great work Lilley!

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