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An Update From the Ground
May 30, 2014

From the Field

By now you have likely heard that Thailand’s recent political unrest has now resulted in a military coup. On Tuesday, May 20, military officials detained political leaders from both sides and instituted martial law. By Thursday, May 22, it was announced that a full coup is in effect.

We would like our donors, supporters, and friends back home to all know that we are all well and safe. These latest developments have happened remarkably peacefully, and from what we understand, many if not most Thais support the military takeover as a necessary breather in a very complex and heated situation.

While there is much upheaval among elites and prominent personas, for us on the ground, little has changed in the day to day, except for some communications (like some TV channels) being temporarily cut, a ban on public gatherings of 5+ people, and the curfew, which was from 10pm-5am, but has since been scaled back to 12am-4am.

For a different perspective from what you might have read in Western media sources (like, and including, the one above), you might be interested to read this article.

We remain neutral on the situation, and only wish to convey our hopes that all will be resolved peacefully, and that in the meantime, we remain safe and well here at The SOLD Project.

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