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Graduation: The Culmination of a Communal Effort
May 2, 2014

In April, we recognized the achievements of the students in our program who graduated from 6th grade, 9th grade, 12th grade, and university and technical school levels.a

These children are the heroes of their own stories.


We honor them, each student who worked hard to overcome all obstacles in order to graduate and progress in their academics.


We honor the parents who pushed them to succeed, who didn’t let their kids quit, and who persevered in their duties as supportive parents.


In their turn, students stood up and gave sometimes quite emotional speeches in which they shared many difficulties that they had faced. There were times of being discouraged, of feeling too tired to go on in their work, and there were moments when they were trepidatious at having to start a new school and make new friends. It is very hard for Thai students to uproot themselves and enter a new school.


Yet they overcame their obstacles through hard work, a personal desire to succeed, and through their large support group who helped them not give up–their parents, teachers, the staff at the SOLD Project, and their sponsors.


It really does take a village–and on Graduation Day, it is plain to see the culmination of everyone’s hard work!

Congratulations to our students, and to all who have loved and encouraged them along the way!


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