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Our Work on The Ground

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Our Students’ Community Service

Fun Fact! Did you know that this Saturday, October 30 is National Service Day? It’s a day to recognize the importance of young people being

How We’re Adapting Outreach

The COVID pandemic has made it even more of a challenge to do outreach to areas, like migrant communities, that are already difficult to reach.

International Day of the Girl Child

Monday, October 11, was International Day of the Girl Child! This year’s theme recognizes how the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted girls in unequal ways regarding access

The Unsung Side of Prevention

We routinely share stories about how prevention is working for youth at risk, students like BunMa who narrowly escaped being trafficked in Bangkok, Chayu who

How We’ve Changed Over Time

One of our followers on Instagram reached out with a question that we thought would be good to address more broadly on our blog. He

Being the Bridge Between

In our role as a nonprofit organization, we serve at least three audiences. The first audience is our constituents, or beneficiaries—the people we aim to

How We Can Grow Prevention

Human trafficking is such a pervasive problem, and we’re just one organization working to prevent it in one area of Thailand–but what if prevention is

We’re Expanding on Multiple Levels

In the past two and a half years since Veerawit Tianchainan stepped into position as our Thailand Executive Director, he has spearheaded efforts in expanding

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