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Our Work on The Ground

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Save the Date!

Giving Tuesday is coming soon! Save the date! Mark your calendar now and help us reach our end of year fundraising goals! We have some

Small Actions Big Impact

Small actions can have profound consequences. At The Freedom Story, we believe in growing change from the ground up, and that even the little choices

Education Unlocking Doors to the Future

We know from experience talking with survivors of trafficking that poverty and lack of education are key factors that render people vulnerable. Without enough money

Tawee Donchai

Our Thailand Director, Tawee Donchai, has been a key figure in the development of The Freedom Story. He has been with us since The SOLD

The Importance of Social Embeddedness

“Social scientists often use the term social capital to describe social connectedness–that is, informal ties to family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances; involvement in civic associations, religious

Learning Rights & Safety Online

Our staff recently held a day-long workshop for students, aged 8-22, teaching them about their rights and how to stay safe from sexual predators online.

Raising Trafficking Awareness

In a 2014 study surveying 1,102 men, women and youth age 10 years or older who were receiving post-trafficking assistance services in Cambodia, Thailand and

Freedom Angels Award: Tawee Donchai

As we celebrate 10 years since The SOLD Project documentary was first filmed and became a scholarship that led to an organization, The Freedom Story, which

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