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Our Work on The Ground

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End Sex Trafficking Day

Erin Giles is founder of a movement to help raise awareness about the crime and tragedy of sex trafficking and is partnering with various entrepreneurs

Our Second Classroom Needs your Help!

We’ve broken ground on a second classroom, and the progress made is exciting…but we still need your help! Due to a substantial (30%) increase in

An Extraordinary Instance of Giving

get involved Supporters of The SOLD Project, Michelle Auerbach and her fiance Brian Brooks, are going above and beyond acts of daily generosityby donating their

Meet Khae

The SOLD Project family is growing! Today, we’d like you to meet one last addition to our family. Nongnut Jamparat, who goes by the nickname

Meet Nathan!

The SOLD Project family is growing! Over the next couple weeks, we’ll continue introducing you to the newest additions to our family. Today, we’d like

‘The Rachel’ Necklace

Ember Arts is a business partnering with 28 Ugandan women survivors of war and poverty to assist them in fulfilling their dreams for themselves and

Launching “Travel With Us”

The SOLD Project is proud to announce the launch of one of two brand new videos (the second one, a longer piece, will be released

Ember Arts Recognizes Our Rachel Goble

Ember Arts, a family business oriented towards humanitarian aid, creates and sells beautiful, tasteful jewelry, like this piece, to support women in Uganda. Ember Arts

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