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Our Work on The Ground

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For a limited time only, The SOLD Project has partnered with Causegear to bring you beautiful handmade products that give back. The human justice brand

Congratulations to Win!

As many of you may remember, one of our former SOLD scholarship students, despite lack of citizenship, went on to break down all barriers to

The SOLD Project is Growing

Please help us expand our reach and meet the demands of trafficking prevention! When The SOLD Project began in 2008, we were working really deep

The Risk it Took To Blossom

Laughter echoes through the doors, music thumps in the background, smiles and wais greet me as I step into the classroom. This select group of

Prevention Through Communication

This past weekend we held one of our regular Parent Meetings, where we invite families to come with their students and participate in our communal

Why We Support University Students

When asked why The SOLD Project supports university students, I was at first taken aback. The question seemed to come from the point of view

Did You Hear the News?

First, The SOLD Project made its mark on National Geographic this week, catching headlines on their Killing With Kindness campaign to highlight organizations helping others all around

How’s Their Story Going to End?

A guest post by Christine Rose, SOLD Project Bay Area Representative and Volunteer. Don’t you hate predictable endings? None of us enjoy a movie where

Seasons of Smoke and the Collective Damage

From the Field Every year from around February through April, farmers in South East Asian countries start burning through brush—it’s an effective way to fertilize

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