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Our Work on The Ground

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You all knocked it out of the park! In our End of Year Campaign, a whopping 565 of you helped raise a total of $160,896!

Feeling Grateful

It’s Thanksgiving, and 2020 has been a doozy! All the more reason to take a moment to be grateful, and remember that through it all,

The Freedom Chapter

Those of you who are relatively new to us might have noticed that our model of donation support is somewhat different from the traditional one.

On the Ground Update

With COVID-19 restrictions eased in Thailand, we’ve been able to resume our training and outreach programs in our community. We know that economic pressures caused

Coronavirus Situation in Thailand

Here is an update on how the Coronavirus situation is unfolding in Thailand. The total number of recorded cases of the Coronavirus is a little

Update: Latest Efforts

Our team has been active in the field, ramping up our latest efforts to bring essential goods and services to the community in this time

The Health Risks

In our most recent blog post, we talked about the more practical impact the threat of the Coronavirus will have on our students’ lives. In

A COVID-19 Update

As the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, here’s an update on the situation for our students and staff. In the northern region of Thailand,

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