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Mina’s Choice

Mina* is a soft-spoken, self-possessed and graceful young woman. She has been a scholarship student with The Freedom Story since she was very young–always shy,

Additional Benefits

Our mission has always been to help prevent the trafficking of children; however, our methods have always been about more than that. We aim to


Dream is aptly named, for among our students, she is the one who has dared to dream the biggest. When I first started working with

The Perseverance of Ang

Ang* is one of those teenagers caught in-between. Of her closest friends, one or two have always been the star students determined to break out

May: The Month of New Beginnings

May. It’s the start of term for most of our scholarship students, where they either continue to a higher class or new level of education.

First Heroes

Who was your first hero? First Heroes are often a parent, care giver, grandparent, relative, or someone else you consider family. They are special people

The Pressure to Marry

From the field In American culture, the normative age for young adults to get married is getting later and later. For many, it is often

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