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Sara Carves Her Own Path

When Sara’s father died, her life changed irrevocably. She describes her father as the pillar of their household. When he passed, she says, “After that,

Boribun’s Story

Boribun* is a 14-year-old who loves to sing and play guitar. He is Hmong, an ethnic minority from a village with deep drug addiction and

Saifon & Panee: Two Sisters’ Video

We’re thrilled to announce a new video that shares about two sisters, Saifon and Panee! These young women are stateless, meaning they don’t have any

Red Flags: Chayu’s Story

The things that put children and young people at risk of trafficking don’t usually happen overnight; they’re vulnerabilities that start early, which is why we

Invisible Trauma: Jintana’s Story

Risk isn’t usually visible on the surface. If you were to visit our Resource Center and watch the kids playing, if you didn’t know the

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