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Surachat and Surachai’s Story

Risk into resilience: Two brothers’ story of statelessness “WE’RE BOTH BRAVE ENOUGH TO DREAM.” Surachat and Surachai are two brothers who are in a complicated

Som Ying’s Story

A mentor propels a dream: The story of one girl’s dream to study abroad RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE ELDEST CHILD When Som Ying was only two

Becoming More

When Blah joined The Freedom Story seven years ago, at the age of 17, she had already lost both her parents and her grandmother. She

The Story of Win

Peals of laughter erupt from the upstairs offices at The Freedom Story Foundation just outside of Chiang Rai. The work they do is serious but

A Word From Our Graduates

Earlier this month we had a wonderful celebration for our graduating students with food, flowers, games, and parents were invited to join as well. We’re

Determined to Follow Her Dream

Nan’s story begins when she was 12 days old. Her parents left Northern Thailand and moved to Bangkok to find work, leaving Nan to be

In Their Words

Lin* is a 13-year-old boy who looks more like the age of 10. When one of our staff asked him how his scholarship helps support

Prevention is a Process

Ratana describes her self as “happy, maybe overly happy, and bubbly.” She is a 19 year old student, full of confidence and excited about her

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