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Year in Review for Sustainability
January 24, 2019

A few weeks ago, we told you some of the successes your donor dollars helped accomplish, but what we didn’t mention was the impact we’re also having in sustainability.

Through our Organic Farming Learning Center, here’s some of what we did in 2018:

  • We identified and began working with 13 community leaders on organic fertilizer.
  • We worked with and trained at least 197 villagers on topics like producing organic fertilizer and organic farming.
  • We worked with and trained at least 32 students in local schools on topics such as producing organic fertilizer and organic farming.
  • We worked with and trained 103 family members.
  • We sold over 800 kg of organic rice to our community.
  • We increased organic rice production on our farm by more than 7% compared to 2017.
  • We produced over 3,000 kg of organic fertilizer in two villages.
  • We produced 1,000 liters of organic liquid fertilizer through our programs.
  • We conducted workshops and knowledge transfer on organic farm production and standards, organic fertilizer, ionic plazma and pyroligneous acid, and organic rice production.

Our Eco Textile Learning Center also had great success this year, teaching topics such as: how to raise organic Eri silk worms, how to spin yarn by hand, and natural dyeing and tie-dye methods.

  • Under this project we trained at least 140 villagers, and at least 33 students.
  • We worked and trained in 3 villages and 1 school.
  • Our weaving partner community increased their income by 500-12,000 THB/month/person.

Evaluations we conducted after our sustainability trainings revealed many positive results. Over 90% of those who attended the trainings said they believed they would use the things they had learned in their work or daily life. A similar amount of people felt that the way that course was taught was appropriate for their needs. And over 80% of those who attended expected their monthly income to increase by between 1,000-2000 THB, between 30 and 60 USD.

So, wait. What does all this mean?

By implementing activities that promote sustainability, organic agriculture, handicrafts and eco-friendly production, we are able to reap benefits for communities and for the environment.

Promoting organic agriculture

We have been working with community groups and schools in four districts of Chiang Rai, and our organic farm is a source of study and learning for the community. By increasing organic rice production, we can show local farmers that it is possible and beneficial to grow food organically.

Supplementing incomes

Raising Eri silkworms independently helps local farmers generate more income. With this, we were able to expand our social business unit to sell products online, at fairs, and at markets. With further expansion, it could become a reliable source of income both for local villagers and for the organization.

Reducing costs

The processes that we teach also help to reduce costs for families in the local area. For example, with our organic farming project we teach composting, using bio-fermented water and local microorganisms and encouraging farmers to use otherwise discarded organic materials in the area, such as pineapple peels, to produce cost-effective and eco-friendly fertilizers and pesticides.

Empowering women

In addition, we have seen communities that attended our training extend the benefits by forming groups and continuously developing their own production and marketing of various products. For example, a group of women in the community have made an organic farming community market in the local village. Another group of women have formed a co-op to create eco-friendly dishwashing detergent. They have even expanded their membership and have received government support to improve their production.

For the local community, these increases in income, decreases in debt related to pesticide use, and better health allow the people to achieve greater economic stability, and thus decrease the risk of their children experiencing trafficking.

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