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We Give Thanks To…
November 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s been another year of change and uncertainty, but if anything our bonds and connection have only grown stronger. We have so much to be grateful for and so many people in our community to whom we give thanks. 

We Give Thanks To…

…our students, who work so hard, to rise above so many obstacles.

our students’ families, who extend their trust to us in guiding them and strengthening their whole family units.

our donors, who care so deeply about protecting at-risk children, even when they’re across the world.

our staff in Thailand, who dedicate themselves so faithfully to guiding at-risk children toward safer and more prosperous choices.

our partners and allies in the fight to end trafficking, for sharing their experience, expertise, and resources so generously – we’re so grateful to be part of such a strong, vibrant community.

our support crew, who’ve worked so many hours to help us with photos, videos, tech support, incredible design, podcast episodes, and so much more.

local community members, who collaborate with us to spread the message of prevention, support vulnerable people with better protections, and help strengthen networks of support for our students and their families

to everyone who has shared, commented, liked, and forwarded our messages on social media and elsewhere. Every single bit of support helps us feel encouraged, expands our reach, shares awareness about trafficking and prevention, and is critical to making sure our programs keep running.

As a special THANK YOU, we’d love to share this video with you, so you can see just how impactful your generosity is! This is our gift to you, with our warmest thanks.


THANK YOU, to everyone in our community. You help ensure the promise of FREEDOM.

Yours in hope,
The Freedom Story