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Trafficking Awareness During the Holidays
December 14, 2017

Want to see some ways to bring greater social justice and trafficking awareness into your holiday season? Here are a few to consider!

While Traveling

A lot of us travel during the holiday season, given the chance to see faraway relatives, escape a cold climate for a more tropical one, or vice versa! However, we travelers might not be the only ones on the move: traffickers may be in transit too, hoping to hide under the shelter of holiday crowds.

If you are traveling this holiday season, and you see a suspicious looking situation, DON’T try to intervene or confront the suspected trafficker or victim yourself. Don’t play the hero or rescuer. DO tell someone, especially airline crew and personnel who are hopefully trained to identify likely trafficking situations, and know how to intervene and notify proper authorities.

Unfortunately, not all airlines have gotten onboard with training initiatives. However, Delta, JetBlue, Alaska Airlines, and American Airlines are among the flight providers we believe have participated in property training.

Consider Giving to a Teen Shelter

Does your family participate in volunteering during the holidays? Many people take this time to get in the spirit of giving by volunteering at homeless shelters. What might be less known is that child trafficking DOES happen in the U.S., and teen runaways are often among the most vulnerable to exploitation. If you’re in the mood to volunteer this year, and there is a local shelter for teen runaways, consider giving them a call to see if you can help out.

Gifts that Prevent Trafficking

Got a minimalist in your life? Is there someone who already has everything they want or need? Or a social justice warrior who would appreciate a gift that extends the giving? Then we have the perfect gift!

You can give gifts like:

  • Sponsor a legal training for a whole village
  • Provide an afternoon of girls’ group therapy
  • Sponsor a family’s attendance at family camp
  • Give a silkworm house to a family
  • Support after-school programs for a month
  • and many, many more!

All of these gifts help raise up individual children, strengthen families, and contribute to the resilience of entire communities! They help prevent children from being trafficked into the sex industry–and they also provide a wide variety of benefits to support educational, mental, and physical well-being.

Choose a gift at any level, and know that your gift is part of the larger movement to end the scourge of trafficking.


Whether you choose to purchase something through our gift catalog or make a donation online, ALL of your donations through December 31st will be doubled.

With just one gift you can radiate good out in this world! What better way to celebrate the holiday season than that?

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