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Thanksgiving Gratitude – 15 Years of Freedom
November 22, 2023

Fifteen years of freedom and there is so much to be thankful for! Looking back over the past decade and a half, we feel immense gratitude to everyone who has joined the journey to protect vulnerable children.

Thanksgiving Gratitude

From the early days, a group of brave supporters believed enough in the dream of child trafficking prevention that they provided for the first scholarships, the first building in the middle of a rice field, and the first staff mentors. We are so grateful.

We are proud to say that a remarkable number of those early supporters have stayed with us as we grew – to include more students, more staff, more offices, more partners, generous and long-serving board members, and greater reach. Not every organization can say that, so we are grateful.

As word spread about the scourge and tragedy of child trafficking, more supporters have jumped in to demand an end to it. Donors, photographers, designers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and many more have given time, money, and talent, and we are so thankful.

Through the years, families have put their faith in our guidance of their children, and we thank them for that incredible trust.

Partners have looked to our example, helped spread the word about prevention, and increased our capacity to reach into their communities, and we’re so grateful to them for enabling our growth.

Our staff have poured their hearts and immeasurable time into protecting our students and guiding them toward success; we thank them for their love and sacrifice.

And to our students, we say thank you. Thank you for opening your hearts to our guidance, your eyes to possibilities, and your belief in yourselves and your ability to reach your dreams. That is the reason we all are here, together. We honor your efforts to improve your own circumstances and change the world around you.

We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season.

Yours, as ever, in gratitude,
The Freedom Story


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