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Thank You For Sustaining Freedom!
January 4, 2024

Thank you to all of our generous donor community who came together to help us sustain freedom for at-risk children in northern Thailand! From the bottom of our hearts, we extend our gratitude to everyone who helped us exceed our fundraising goal!!

In 2024, we’re changing the trajectory of individual lives as well as facilitating broader social change to strengthen communities against traffickers and others who try to prey on vulnerability. Thanks to your vital support, we’ll be able to:

– bring in 330 new at-risk students to our scholarship program
– fulfill our plan to reach out to 105 schools, reaching over 19,000 students
– and continue working with families, church leaders, village healthcare volunteers, youth leaders in schools, and volunteers from within migrant worker communities.

This work will:
– Provide training and education on preventing human trafficking, including online exploitation and child abuse
– Develop a network of local youth & community leaders who are equipped to prevent trafficking in their communities and social circles.

Thank you for helping us start 2024 strong. For investing in and advocating for vulnerable children in Thailand. Your generosity ensures these precious students can dream about the future and that they can access the education they need to pursue those dreams. It means our mentors will continue to be there as a listening ear in times of crisis and a cheerleader in times of celebration. Your generosity ensures parents have a chance to earn their own income to provide for their families. And it ensures thousands of people know their rights and how to advocate for them.

Thank you for making our important and life-changing work a reality.

Thank you for investing to protect the lives of the most vulnerable.

We have so much to look forward to and are so grateful to have you alongside us!

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