Responsibilities of the eldest child

When Som Ying was only two years old, her father was put in jail and her mother, who suffers from a heart condition, was forced to raise her and her younger sister on her own for the 17+ years since. Because her mother must work so much, she couldn’t be available to help Som Ying with her problems, which left Som Ying feeling very alone and without guidance—until she met the staff at The Freedom Story.

“I want to go to China.”

In particular, our Scholarship Director, Blah, has been a warm, calm, patient, and motherly figure for Som Ying, helping her to feel welcome, safe, and encouraged. Som Ying’s biggest dream was to get a scholarship, after graduating high school, to go to study in China for two years, to come back and be able to teach Chinese to young children in the rural villages.

“I believe it’s totally possible to be wholeheartedly pursuing my dream.”

Through the help of mentors like Blah at The Freedom Story, Som Ying was able to seek out her own identity and achieve her dream — and come back to share it with everyone else.

Mentorship changes everything

Through our programs, youth in Thailand are given a mentor who empowers them with more opportunities.