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Re:Act Story // Calendars for a Cause
March 6, 2014

We are very inspired by Michelle’s story! She used pictures from her time teaching overseas to make calendars as a way to fundraise money for SOLD. Michelle has shared her story below….

“I had an idea of making calendars as a fundraiser for a while. Photography is a hobby of mine and I wanted to do something with it. I’m originally from Sydney, but I had the chance to go overseas to teach English for three years. I’ve always liked children. There’s an honesty and innocence about them that I think tends to get lost when we grow older.

As I started to think more seriously about this project, I realized that many of the photos I had taken were of children and decided to choose charities that were related to children. I am passionate about child prostitution, which is how I came across The SOLD Project.

I’m not a pro at taking photos and I created the calendar from scratch using Photoshop – definitely not a pro with that! But I think that if people have an idea and are passionate about it, it will become reality. I also loved the idea that the SOLD Project was working on preventative measures against child exploitation. Coming from a teaching background myself, providing education wasn’t only a way to prevent these children from being exploited, but it also provides them with a positive and promising future.


I created a website for the fundraiser and found it to be an emotional experience. It saddened me to think how decrepit humanity can be and it also angered me as well, to that that people can fully exploit such vulnerable, helpless children. It was really interesting to see how people reacted and whether or not individuals wanted to support the cause. However, I do believe that any little action counts. And all these small acts can add up to something huge! If I didn’t make these calendars, $3000 wouldn’t have been raised. If Rachel didn’t find the SOLD Project, many children in Northern Thailand probably wouldn’t have had the chance to gain an education and they would be much worse off now. Every little action counts.


I’m very grateful that I stumbled across The SOLD Project and I’ve been able to contribute a little to their great work. Hopefully, if I do get a chance to travel to Thailand again, I’ll be able to make an actual visit! To the team at SOLD Project, thanks for the awesome work that you guys do. Keep it up!”

Thank you Michelle! Because of your efforts, $1,000 has been donated to the Freedom Project and $1,000 has been donated to the Scholarship Program.


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