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President Obama’s remarks at the Clinton Global initiative 2012
January 18, 2013

Watch Obama’s speech about human trafficking at the Clinton Global Initiative here: I don’t know if you had a chance to tune in to President Obama’s remarks on human trafficking to the CGI on Tuesday, but he was fantastic. Former PresidentClinton gave some wonderful closing remarks as well, which I went back and transcribed (see attached). That same day, the White House released a Fact Sheet outlining the Obama Administration’s comprehensive strategy for addressing human trafficking at home and abroad. Good stuff. By the way, if you haven’t visited yet (built by Justin Dillon & The U.S. State Department), do it. It’s been around for a year, but it’s a beautiful site and a genius idea for raising awareness. It helps when the President gives you a shout-out, too. : ) See also: Anyway, it’s all well worth reading over and/or watching…and there is plenty of great blog post/social media material in here as well. Let’s get something up; with press from the White House, this is the greatest amount of attention the issue is likely to receive this year by policymakers and philanthropists. We should take advantage of any potential spike in search traffic/giving. Michael

“There are some places […] that I really believe we’ll cure 90 percent of the problem if we just get all the kids in school. That’s why it’s important […] that if you see all the kids in school, you make sure their parents have enough to feed them, then I think that system really will die.” —President Bill Clinton

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