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Phase 1 Fully Funded
January 2, 2016

What better way to begin a new year than with the announcement that Phase One of building a City Center in Chiang Rai has been FULLY FUNDED! Thanks to the generous support of everyone who participated in our One Day’s Wages campaign, we are able to expand SOLD’s reach into the city of Chiang Rai, making it possible for us to continue providing mentorship, guidance, and resource support to our high school and university students as they move into the big city to pursue their educational goals.

This support has proven critical to preventing these children from being exploited and trafficked. By keeping close by, SOLD can maintain a supportive community and close ties with the students as they try to navigate their way through a wider world, one in which they might easily become lost.

Phase One of this operation marks our ability to open a City Center, with staff and bare bones resources. Phase Two will help flesh out all the resources we can offer as well as the financial support needed for more staff. With your help, this library will become a thriving space for youth to hang out with peers and mentors, and the staff that will continue to guide them and build relationships with them as they continue on the path to pursuing their dreams.

It is the generosity, passion, and commitment of our donors, supporters, and friends who have made this dream come to fruition. THANK YOU for all your support and encouragement as we continue to fight to end the exploitation of children!


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