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Our End of Year Theme
November 18, 2021

As we head into our End of Year season, we’d like to share with you the theme we’ve chosen to guide us this year. It’s a season in which we come to reflect on what we’ve learned, reaffirm our values, and readjust our views to what may lie ahead. In some places, there is hope for coming out of this pandemic. Some places are hit with a new, even more difficult wave. All are grappling with determining what is needed most now and moving forward. So the theme for this moment, for us, is (Re- ), which means both “a coming back to what was before,” as in restoration, and “again, in a different way,” as in what was before wasn’t how we wanted to be, so we’re shifting and adjusting to choose something better. 

Our End of Year Theme: (Re- )

(Re- ): a time to restore and repair what was broken or lost, to reassert that which has always been important (and perhaps is only more so, given more knowledge and experience), and to rejuvenate our spirits with resilience.

The student stories we’ll be sharing with you through the end of the year include updates on students we’ve introduced you to before, along with introductions to new ones. On restoration, we work with students to build healthy connections with family, especially where things had been broken. On reassertion, we help students stay committed to education even when it becomes difficult, and help cultivate the awareness and habits that keep them away from the dangers of online exploitation. On rejuvenation, we celebrate the students as they overcome obstacles with incredible resilience and look with hope toward the future.

All are at different points in their path, and we hope this illustrates how deep and invested prevention work is. 

We are so excited to share this year’s stories with you. Please keep an eye out for new ones posted every Tuesday on the blog here, starting next Tuesday and going through the end of the year. If you feel motivated after reading them, we hope you’ll consider an end of year contribution to ensuring our programs continue supporting at-risk children through 2022.

We are grateful to you for joining us as we walk alongside vulnerable children and mentor them through times of greatest risk, to keep them protected from trafficking and exploitation, and on the path to their dreams!

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