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Mina’s Choice
October 12, 2017

Mina* is a soft-spoken, self-possessed and graceful young woman. She has been a scholarship student with The Freedom Story since she was very young–always shy, yet diligent and hardworking.

She might not have always been that way. She had been friends and neighbors with a couple of sisters who chose a different path. These sisters began to diverge in their teenage years, searching for more exciting alternatives to their village life. It lead them down a road where they dropped out of school. One had gotten pregnant, the other married, as young teenagers.

Despite the example of her friends, Mina chose to focus on her studies and is now nearing graduation. When her friends chose to party and be wild, she chose to invest in her future instead.

When asked why she chose differently, she said:

“My mom told me to study and finish school, don’t do the same as others. For true freedom, you have to finish school first. When you finish school and have a job, then you can make your own decisions about your life.”

Mina has shown exemplary maturity in the face of these and other challenges. For others like her, the scholarships we offer can help make it possible to ensure these kids can afford to stay in schools–and have true freedom and choice at the end of it.

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