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How a Facebook Grant Helped Us Respond to Crisis
March 14, 2019

After experiencing higher than average levels of rain in the 2018 rainy season, Nan Province in Northern Thailand was hit by further flash flooding. Unsustainable farming practices led to soil erosion, which compounded the issue. Homes and lives were lost, the bridge to the nearest city was washed out for over a month, and a Hmong village in the Pua District lost a year’s income due to the ruined corn crop. The community struggled to recover, with many forced to move to Bangkok in search of work—a situation that put them at risk of trafficking and exploitation.

Then Facebook and Global Giving Stepped In

With the help of a grant from Facebook and the Disaster Recovery Network at Global Giving, we were able to implement a relief and recovery program.

The recovery was so successful, we were even featured on Global Giving’s Success Stories page!

Learn More

So if you want to learn more about what happened, how we coordinated a response, and what the outcome was, head on over to this link on Global Giving! Or find us on Global Giving’s site, under “Success Stories”

Congratulations to our team, and many thanks to everyone who donated through Facebook!

Do More

If you also want to participate in prevention efforts, donate through our GIVE page and know that 100% of your donation goes directly to protecting children who are vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation. And you can be part of an international movement to stop trafficking before it happens.

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