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Here’s What We Accomplished in 2020!
January 14, 2021
2020 was a challenging year. Even through all that, we have so much to celebrate and be grateful for! Together, with your help, we have still accomplished so much. Besides the student stories we shared in our End of Year fundraising campaign, and other things we’ve been sharing regularly on social media, here are some other milestones we’ve been able to reach.

Here are some quick numbers on what we accomplished:

  • We reached over 1184 individuals with our human rights outreach program. This includes 843 adults and 341 children. Including 170 children and 20 adults trained on our 3-3-5 program.
  • Our Human Rights program was accessed over 3,000 times. This includes follow up home visits, trainings, activities and outreach.
  • We provided 1742 hours of mentorship.
  • We reached 1005 people through our education program at the resource center and outreach programs.
  • Our education program was accessed 1735 times by members of the community.
  • We supported 9 families to create sustainable sources of income.

Here are some other noteworthy achievements:

  • Through the support of generous donors, we were able to open a new Resource Center in another very rural and impoverished area of northern Thailand, in Nan province. We began by establishing a needs assessment of the local area, building relationships with the local communities and identifying students most at risk to join our scholarship program. We currently have 28 students in Nan and are also running daily after school programs, mentorship and human rights trainings from our Resource Center. Towards the end of 2020 we began to work with the local community to implement our sustainable livelihoods program, supporting villagers in growing vegetables and raising chickens in the space around their homes.
  • 4 students were selected to go to the COMMIT youth forum in Bangkok to learn and share about how COVID-19 has impacted human trafficking.
  • 3 students won second place in an art competition raising awareness of violence against children. They used the knowledge they have gained through our youth leadership program and human rights trainings in combination with the art skills they have gained in their vocational degree.
  • After receiving training about online exploitation parents of students have been spending more time talking to their students about spending time online and have been observing their students more.
  • One student who had graduated from her vocational training program asked our staff to help her prepare for a job interview. She originally answered all questions saying “I don’t know.” After coaching and practice with our staff she was better prepared for her job interview and got a job offer!

And COVID related achievements include:

  • handed out over 5,800 face masks
  • 78 staff and students received flu shots
  • over 620 bags of dried goods distributed to community members in need.

It’s been a crazy year and we expect 2021 to still provide challenges as the COVID-19 pandemic still leaves its mark. However, our community has been amazing at pulling together and working together in a commitment to being a force for positive change. We are SO GRATEFUL for what has been accomplished. And we feel that through it all, there is so much reason for hope and optimism, and that there is so much good in the world that we can focus our attention on as we strive to make things better for children who are vulnerable. THANK YOU.

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