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Congratulations to Win!
August 22, 2015


As many of you may remember, one of our former SOLD scholarship students, despite lack of citizenship, went on to break down all barriers to pursue his dream. After years of effort, at the age of just 26, he got not only citizenship but also a degree in law! He has recently just passed the Thai bar exam. We’ve asked him to share a few brief words here (translated for clarity).

What kind of law do you specialize in?

There are three steps in the process of becoming a lawyer: first, you take a written exam, second there is a 6-month training period, and third, you take a lawyer’s practice test. I have just now completed the first step and must find a law firm with which to conduct my training period. (The firm needs to have practiced law for at least seven years). So in the meantime, this is just a general lawyer certificate, meaning I can take any case.

How do you plan to use your expertise?

If I get certified, I want to give legal advice and assistance to people in need; i.e., schools, communities that help victims who are disadvantaged and poor.

How does this accomplishment make you feel?

I am euphoric that my dream is in the process of coming true in the near future. I want to be the best lawyer!

Congratulations Win! We are so happy and proud of you — and we are certain that with your determination, perseverance, and skills, you will be among the best!

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