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Check Out Our Latest Video!
April 21, 2022

As promised, we’ve got an exciting new video we’d love to share with you. This animation is about Arisa*, one of our scholarship students. Take a look – we hope this video helps show who you’re impacting when you contribute to our Freedom Chapters.

By investing in a Freedom Chapter, you’re providing the financial support for a whole cohort of children-at-risk just like Arisa. These children need your support so they can stay in school and we’d like to provide them with scholarships for their education.

Between now and Friday, April 29th, we’ve set a goal to raise $10,000 to fund scholarships for them. We’ve got a great offer to match your investment. All gifts, up to our goal of $10,000, will be matched for a possible total of $20,000!

Would you consider starting a Freedom Chapter membership? Or perhaps a one-time gift to support our Human Rights program?

Thank you so much for everything you’ve given so far. We’re truly grateful to have you with us!


*Name changed for privacy


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