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Charitable Giving in the Holiday Season
December 6, 2018

Charitable giving can be an incredibly beneficial component of healthy family life, and many families engage in philanthropy together. Whether they attend church or a charitable event, volunteer together, or talk about what charities to donate to, research shows that the more respondents engaged in charitable activities with their families growing up, the more likely they are to give and volunteer later in life, and the more likely they are to report that they are happy and that their families are close.

“Philanthropy can be a powerful way for families to pass along their shared beliefs and values. It can also provide unique opportunities for families to spend time together, collaborate, and learn more about one another. Integrating philanthropic conversations and activities into family life is an excellent way to encourage healthy attitudes about helping others while instilling a sense of financial responsibility among younger generations. And giving together can be a bonding experience for family members of all generations. – Fidelity Charitable

Has charitable giving been an important part of your family life? Did your family volunteer together when you were growing up? Do you currently spend time with your family discussing the important of everyone doing their part?

Do you wish to make charitable giving a bigger part of your family life?

If you have wanted to engage in philanthropy, but have thus far held back, here are a few things you might consider:

  • For a lot of small organizations, every donation counts. Sometimes we hold back from donating because we feel our small amount can’t possibly help, or that it might look paltry compared to others — but we can assure you it does help, and no one is judging you. Every dollar donated goes toward providing a good or service that couldn’t exist without it. And every donation, no matter the size, is a vote of confidence for the organization, another voice saying they believe the organization is doing good work and is worth supporting and that they’re not alone in the fight to improve our world.
  • Recurring donations are money the organization knows it can count on. Perhaps you feel $10 or $15 is all you can afford this month. Perhaps consider if that is money you can spare each month. Though it may seem small, if it’s a recurring donation, it’s one that the organization can include with greater confidence in their budget — and small recurring donations add up to something real big over time!
  • Even if you have no dollars to spare, there are simple and effective ways you can help! Volunteering is the more obvious option, but there’s an even simpler thing you can do: help spread the word. Talk to others about the organizations you want to support. Share about the good work they do, and encourage others to learn more about them. The more you share about these organizations, the wider their reach expands, opening up more opportunities for finding support. Every little bit of help is greatly appreciated!

At The Freedom Story, we believe small actions can have a big impact. A kind word can brighten a person’s day. A kind deed can change their whole outlook. An act of generosity can change a life.

If you want to make The Freedom Story part of your family’s philanthropic life, please help us reach our year-end goal of $50,000. Every dollar is matched for a possible total of $100,000! Check out our Give Page, and join us today!

Header photo credit: Ben White