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Announcing Sponsorship Safe House in Myanmar!
April 25, 2015


We are excited to announce that The SOLD Project has become a fiscal sponsor for the Safe House, which provides housing to children rescued from sex trafficking in Myanmar. The Safe House, established in 2006, protects at-risk children and teenage girls from sexual abuse and exploitation. In the Mekong sub-region, estimates indicate that anywhere from a few thousand to 200,000 individuals are trafficked each year. The Safe House’s mission is to provide programs and services that may help the children to “develop in maturity and responsibility, thus bearing fruit for the glory of God.”

Programs and services at the Safe House include outreach to girls working in the sex industry, outreach to girls and families in the villages, home school (Monday through Friday), and Summer school. A variety classes such as English, computer, sewing, music, and Bible study are also offered. The Safe House has its own “Garden of Hope Church,” which offers others programs, such as a Fasting Prayer on Saturdays, Sunday school, Bible Study, Lunch Fellowship (for those individuals in the villages who do not have enough money to eat), and Outreach in the villages.

There are currently 26 children living at the Safe House, and there are many more that come to participate as well. Donations to the Safe House help to fund not only the program expenses but also the rent for the space. The rent is about 20,000 baht per month and increases each year. Without the space, the Safe House would not exist, and these children who have been rescued from sex trafficking would not have a safe place to live and learn. By becoming a fiscal sponsor, The SOLD Project is contributing to the existence of the Safe House and hopefully making a positive impact on their lives.

Hannah, the Safe House’s Fundraising Coordinator, met Tawee Donchai, our Thailand Director, when she lived in Northern Thailand and worked with the safe house. She loves SOLD’s prevention model and kept up to date on SOLD’s work after she moved back to the United States last year. Hannah says, “The Safe House is a vital refuge for women and children who have already been ensnared in the trap of trafficking. They have very little support and resources and, to me, that is unacceptable. I want to offer others the chance to invest in ensuring that the safe house is place of rest and restoration, a place where food and safety is plentiful, where hearts, bodies, and minds can be healed. I love and trust the women who run the safe house and want them to know they are supported and invested in.”

We thank you for your support! It is only through your help that we can facilitate the endeavors of those committed to ending the trafficking of children.

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