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ACT Impact Report
March 16, 2017

We have been partners with and financial supporters of The ACT Center (Children’s Advocacy Center) in Chiang Mai, an organization dedicated to helping child victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation by working with law enforcement officers to bring offenders to justice and by providing counseling services to overcome the trauma of abuse and return to school and a more hopeful future. The ACT Center has recently released an impact report. Here are some of the highlights:

Prevention Program

This program provides training for children and the adults who work with them on topics including child protection policies, preventing online exploitation and trafficking, and Thai law. It also includes an after school program to teach English, science, art, sports, Bible studies, and other activities.

In total, 9 trainings were facilitated for children, with a reach of 267 children and 51 adults. The after school program had a reach of 37 kids.

Legal/Protection Program

This aspect involves supporting law enforcement with fact finding missions in investigations that hopefully lead to arrests, and providing victim support through completion of cases at trial (i.e. accompanying victim to court, providing legal consultation to victim and family, conducting family visits for all victims and follow up on cases, working with prosecutor, etc.)

Total impact includes the following:

Supported Law Enforcement with Fact Finding: 34 cases

Supported Law Enforcement in cases that led to arrest/search warrant: 12 cases

Supported Law Enforcement with cases that ended with legal result (jail time, victim compensation, deportation, etc.) in 2016: 5 cases

Victims identified and/or assisted: 19 victims

Restoration Program

This program involves counseling for victims and after care services. In total there were 146 hour long counselling sessions with 23 different clients. Counseling “graduates” include: 1 at risk child, 6 victims, and 1 other.

Other services provided include help obtaining: citizenship, long term drub rehab, housing/shelter, educational scholarships, school enrollment, access to fair and legal jobs, and a family empowerment program.

2016 Highlights

The ACT Center assisted 2 victims of child sex tourism in compiling victim impact statements. The offender received a sentence of 2 years suspension in Thai court, and because of an effective parallel investigation with the FBI, the FBI managed to get him back to America where he also received 10 years jail time.

The ACT Center assisted DSI and TICAC with fact finding, providing research, and expert interviews that led to the first arrest of a foreign perpetrator in 2016 to be charged with possession of child pornography, a violation of the Computer Crime Act and human trafficking. The offender pledge guilty to all charges.

Fact finding and working with victims led to the arrests of 2 foreign child sex offenders (Japanese and British nationals). A total of 5 victims were identified. (Case is pending in court.)

The ACT Center also facilitated training to law enforcement and NGOs who will lead the new Children’s Advocacy Centers in Pattaya and Phuket.

The ACT Center welcomed a delegation of U.S. Congressional staffers who requested to visit our Children’s Advocacy Center in Chiang Mai.

All data is measured impact by the HUG Project under the Family Connection Foundation and Zoe International Foundation which are the two organizations leading the Children’s Advocacy Center Thailand (ACT) with the support of FACE Foundation, Movaci Technology, The Freedom Story Foundation, and Thailand Internet Crimes Against Children (TICAC)


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